We’re moving on up…

to the east side? Or, well, I guess to the non-wordpress-hosted side anyway.

I realized that I’ve become limited in this blog to pretty much all things editing, and quite frankly, it’s become a boring place where I just randomly promote my new releases.

So, I’m going for a more general blog on my own domain…

Head on over to The Rauch Motel

There will be posts about my dog, my new house, all things web design, and of course grammar. You didn’t think I’d completely forget my roots?


About Laurie

Heya! I'm Laurie M. Rauch and I play with code. I run Code Diva, where I specialize in valid, semantic HTML5 and CSS3 and WordPress Development and Coaching and I blog about code at Code Play Love.
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2 Responses to We’re moving on up…

  1. Milke says:

    Just start over, in same but different …

  2. I wonder also if your thought (and Ramit’s agreement with it via del.icio.us) is a reflection of your unmarried status…I haven’t shared a dwelling wit Click https://zhoutest.wordpress.com/

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